7 Reasons Why LivBright Should Be Your Next Sleeping Pad

There are few experiences more life-affirming than venturing into nature and waking up in the outdoors. Miles away from everything, the sunrise peaks through your tent, and you wake up to a world of adventure… Unless that is you tossed and turned all night on the hard ground.

Having the right gear is essential to having a good camping experience, and there are few pieces more crucial than the one that ensures you wake up ready to conquer the great outdoors. We designed the LivBright ultralight sleeping pad to do just that and much more. Here are seven reasons to make LivBright your next sleeping pad!

1.You’ll Sleep Like a Baby

The LivBright sleeping pad is three and a half inches thick! That’s three and a half inches between you and the hard earth. Three and a half inches to cradle your hips and ease your shoulders. Which means whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach you’ll be sleeping easy. Unlike some pads, LivBright doesn’t sacrifice cushion for support. The built-in pillow props your head, supporting the natural curve of the body.

It’s not just thickness that the pad brings to the table. The pad is thicker, wider and longer than the average sleeping pad. No matter if you’re 6’2 or 5’1 you’ll be able to curl up in comfort. The extra width also means there’s enough room for some outdoor cuddles. With this much comfort, you’ll think start to think of it less as a sleeping pad and more as your trusty camping mattress.

2. Inflation that Lasts

When you’ve spent all day hiking to your campsite the last thing you want is to wake up halfway through the night to find your sleeping pad has deflated. LivBright sleepings pads are guaranteed to last through the night, creating a buffer between you and pesky rocks and sticks. So give yourself a nice morning stretch on your well inflated sleeping pad and channel the energy from your good night’s sleep into important things like crafting the perfect s’more.

3. It’s Light as a Feather

When you’re backpacking, every ounce counts. At just over a pound, your LivBright ultralight sleeping pad will be one of the lightest pieces of equipment in your pack. All the comfort none of the inconvenience!

4. It Fits in Your Hand

Cumbersome pads that need to be clipped to the bottom of your pack are less maneuverable and vulnerable to knicks. They weigh down your backpacking pack and hit your body in uncomfortable places. Despite LiveBright’s luxurious size, when pumped up the mat compresses into a small sack. When all packed up the pad is smaller than a water bottle,. That means you’ll have more room in your pack for that flask of whiskey.

5. It Doesn’t Break the Bank

Good sleeping pads can run upwards of $150. That’s a lot of dough. And it’s usually because your sleeping pad went from a factory in China, to a distributor, to a store. We manufacture and sell the LivBright ultralight sleeping pads ourselves. Controlling the whole production line means we can give you the most affordable price and you can enjoy the great outdoors without breaking the bank.

6. So Much More than Camping

The compact, lightweight, comfort and all around bad ass features of our pad aren’t only for camping trips. Bust your pad out in the backyard, at the beach, in the pool or for that unexpected house guest.

7. It’s Risk Free

Adventure is waiting, and we want you to seize it, worry free. That’s why our sleeping pad comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a one-year replacement warranty, and repair kit. What are you waiting for? Get your LivBright ultralight sleeping pad and get out there!

7 Reasons Why LivBright Should Be Your Next Sleeping Pad

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