Choosing The Right Sleeping Pad for Camping

Sleeping pads are an essential piece of equipment for any hiking or camping trip. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to select the right type of pad because of all the choices available. Ultimately, you should make a decision based on three main factors: weight, thickness, and reliability.

First and foremost, most camping trips require you to lug around a lot of gear. This can be a burden to carry around, and takes up much needed space in your car or bag. A lightweight sleeping pad can go a long way in ensuring that you save space and aren’t being weighed down. The flip-side to this is that if your pad is too light, there often is not enough cushioning.

This is a dilemma that many campers face. They often make the mistake of buying an ultra-lightweight sleeping pad, only to find out later on that it provides virtually no cushioning whatsoever. While these thin, lightweight pads are easy to carry around, unfortunately, they provide little to no protection from the hard surface of the ground, making sleeping uncomfortable and hard on your body.

That is why it is important that the pad you choose have a degree of thickness as well. LivBright’s signature ultralight sleeping padsĀ are made of lightweight materials that can easily fit in your bag. When inflated, these pads haveĀ thick, tubular cushions to protect you from the ground. It works especially great for side-sleepers since your shoulders and hips will be elevated, allowing for a much more comfortable outdoor sleeping experience.

Another option you can try are self-inflating pads. While these pads offer the convenience of you not having to blow air into them, they tend to be larger and heavier than the ultralight versions. If space is a concern, stick with the ultra light pads, otherwise, give the self-inflating ones a try.

There you have it. Sleeping pads can make the difference between waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed, or going into day-two groggy and with sore body parts. For your own well-being, it is highly recommended that you choose a good quality sleeping pad for your next camping adventure.


Choosing The Right Sleeping Pad for Camping

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